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Cocktail bars in Berkshire

Cocktail lovers unite until the early hours without alienating those who just want a cold pint of whatever.

Boasting the only heated seats in Wokingham, the garden area is always full and often loud.

You never know what to expect from the menus to the décor. Abstract, Retro, Cool. From flamingo wallpaper, cinema seats, Lithuanian bus seats and grafitti art. Constantly evolving from one week to the next.

Collaboration with other businesses in town really brings the bar into its own. Sister bar 56 is a great place to get a more subtle relaxed vibe before partying back at the Redan.

Bar 56 Wokingham and The Redan partners


Beyond the Download love to host music quizzes monthly, along with vinyl takeovers.

Check in and check us out.

Cocktail events such as competitions and training sessions are a great way to offer an extra dimension to your afternoon/evening. Not to mention live music in both the Redan and Fifty Six.